May Contain Studios


May Contain Studios is a production company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Our focus is to deliver cinematic narrative and aesthetic quality through commercial photography, cinematography and branded film content.


Director and Cinematographer, Jeremy Lee’s passion for creating has brought him to work on projects with local organizations as well as international brands. Proud of his attention to detail, Jeremy’s background and dexterity in cinematography continues to influence his artistic direction.

Director and Founder, Mike Peters has worked internationally as a commercial photographer for well-respected, industry leading brands. Proud of his established roots in Winnipeg, he also sees the value in creating impactful work within the local community for smaller brands, businesses and local organizations. He brings many years of industry experience and expertise to a constantly evolving landscape.


Acknowledging Mike’s life-threatening allergy to nuts, May Contain is built upon the healthy play of vulnerability, strength and endless possibility.